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5 Best Western Saddle Pads for Horses [Reviews 2020]

Are you looking for the best western saddle pads for horse riding? then you are in the right place.  The saddle pad is used between the horse’s back and the saddle to eliminate the injuries in the horse’s back. It is also known as a saddle blanket. Saddle pads are the most fashionable equipment used in horses for riding.

These fabricated foundation cushions keep horses comfortable and enable more power for trail riding. But this only happens when you get the best saddle pads with perfectly fitted saddles. So here we will share the top 10 western saddle pads that will definitely improve your horse riding experience.

Best Western Saddle Pads 2020

Top 5 Saddle pads 2020

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1. Diamond Wool Saddle Pad


2. Equine BioFit Saddle Pad


3. ECP Western Saddle Pad


4. Weaver Leather Saddle Pad


5. Back on Track Horse Saddle Pad


Things to Know Before Buying a Perfect Fit Saddle Pad

The saddle pad has a great role in the horse riding experience. It’s not just a cloth between the horse’s back and saddle, it offers pain relief therapy to the horse. It helps in enhancing the horse’s muscles and gives them more potential for long trail riding. While buying the saddle pads one should always keep in mind the size, shape, materials, and thickness. Here we will explain how these factors affect horse riding experience.

Saddle Pad Size

It is the very first factor that we should keep in mind while buying the western saddle pad. English saddle pads are suitable for all types of saddles. Western saddle pads come in different sizes and you have to choose wisely according to your horse’s back length and curve.

You should first measure the saddle size before buying the saddle pads, it will help you choose the perfect size of saddle pads for your horse. The average size for the western saddle pad is 30″ * 30″. If your horse’s height is more than average then you should choose a long saddle pad.

Saddle Pad Shape

The second most important factor to consider while purchasing a saddle pad is its shape. There are several shapes available when it comes to saddle pads. The most economical shape used in saddle pads is rectangular and square. If your horse has average withers then you can go for these kinds of saddle pads.

Another most popular shape of the saddle pad is the rounded pad. It reduces the risk of rubbing the horse’s back and causing irritation. These types of saddle pads are an excellent choice for low wither and short back horses.

For high wither horses cut-outs shape pads are used. You can go through the worst riding experience if you use traditional pads in high wither horses. So always use a cut-out shape pad in riding a high withered horse and get a great experience of horse riding.

Saddle Pad Material

The material of the saddle pad has a major role in shock absorption efficiency, removing moisture, and providing a breathable experience. Fleece is the most common material that usually used in western pads.

Foam pads are also highly used, just remember to buy a breathable foam pad. Foam pads are generally used when you are participating in a horse racing or in a hard sport.

Saddle Pad thickness

Western saddle pads are thicker than English pads. It is always good to have a thicker pad because your horse will feel less pressure in its back. And if the pressure will be less then the horse can provide an excellent riding experience.

Top 5 Western Saddle Pads Review 2020

First of all, we should know why we need a saddle pad? if we have a perfectly fitted saddle then do we still need a saddle pad?

According to Katja Geser-von Peinen, a clinical researcher at the Equine Clinic of Vetsuisse Faculty, Switzerland if you are using a western saddle then you need a saddle pad. Even the perfectly fitted western saddles are not made to be used without any cushioning. Let’s reveal the saddle pad that tops our list.

Diamond Wool Contour Western Saddle Pad

best saddle padsCheck Price on Amazon

This is the best saddle pad that will improve your riding experience to the maximum. It provides a high level of comfort on a low budget. The brand diamond wool is very known for saddle pads, and a good thing is that it’s made in Rhode Island. They have devoted several years to manufacturing high-quality wool products to ease the riders’ hustle of finding the best wool products.

This saddle pad provides the best quality in shock proofing and lowering the pressure in the horse’s back. So that the horse can provide its maximum potential in every ride. It has a contoured spine, distressed leather, and a relief notch that’s why this saddle pad is a perfect choice to use in heavy work and trail riding.


  1. Diamond wool only makes saddle pads. So they always try to provide the best saddle pads in the market.
  2. After-sale support is awesome.
  3. You get a high level of comfort and professional support at a very affordable price.
  4. It is made in Rhode Island and is the natural choice for contoured wool felt pads.
  5. Best for long trail rides.
  6. Its high-quality material retains its shape and doesn’t wrinkle.
  7. Its wool is a very high-quality fiber with high elasticity that combines with the horse’s hair and reduces the slippage.


  1. Cleaning trouble.
  2. It holds dust and can be smelly
  3. Not recommended for hot areas.

Classic Equine BioFit Saddle Pad


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Classic equine biofit saddle pad is a premium pad that mostly used in the horses where the saddle is not perfectly fitted. This saddle pad hep saddle to fit perfectly in the horse’s back. Mostly spine of older horses is not curved perfectly, so if you have an aged horse then you should definitely use this saddle pad.


  1. Mostly used in hard to fit horses.
  2. Helps in saddle fitting.
  3. It has an orthopedic grade cushion that helps as a shock observant.
  4. Great for older horses.


  1. Not good for the perfectly fitted saddle. Extra buildup on this pad can shift your saddle.

ECP Western Saddle Pad All Purpose


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ECP Western saddle pad mostly preferred for small or short backed horses. It has a contour correction feature to increase the safety of the horse’s back. It has an adjustable memory foam that offers high-level flexibility and comfortability for horse riding. Memory foam is an excellent option for shock absorption. The material of this saddle pad is temperature regulating, moisture-wicking, and breathable.


  1. Adjustable Memory foam cushion.
  2. Temperature regulating, moisture proofing.
  3. Hypoallergenic and gentle on horse’s skin
  4. Shock absorption.


  1. Does not fit large and high backed horses.
  2. Remove memory foam shims before washing and do not iron.

Weaver Leather Contoured Saddle Pad

Weaver Leather Contoured Saddle Pad


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If if you are looking for a high-quality saddle pad on a low budget then weaver leather saddle pad is a great option. It is manufactured by Marino wool a trusted brand for perfect leather saddle pads. The cushion of these saddle pads is made by a highly elastic fabric that helps in wick away the moisture easily which is the key for long trail riding. It has a contoured fit that helps in protecting the spine.


  1. Moisture resistance.
  2. Good for long trail riding.
  3. Contoured saddle pad for less saddle roll.


  1. Shorter drop in 32″ option. For larger drops choose size 36″.

Back on Track Horse Saddle Pad

Back on track horse saddle pad


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Tail riding for several hours can hurt the horses. We always try to find a way to provide some relief to our horses when riding and saddle pads like back on track have done the easy for us. This saddle pad provides pain relief therapy to horses while riding.

It provides muscle support and uses the horse’s temperature for pain relief therapy. It enhances the horse’s muscle and reduces the level of soreness. This saddle pad also has warming influences to make sure that blood pumps regularly in the horse. So with all these qualities, the horse will feel more comfortable and powerful while riding it.


  1. Provides pain relief therapy
  2. Enhances the horse’s muscle and reduces the level of soreness.
  3. Excellent durability.
  4. Easy Cleaning


  1. It’s very thin.

How to Clean Western Saddle pads

If you clean your saddle pads frequently then you can use the pads for a long time. Here we are sharing some tips for cleaning the saddle pads easily.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner: You can use your vacuum cleaner to remove hairs and dust from the saddle pads.
  2. A Comb: You can also use a curry comb to remove hair and dust from the pad.
  3. Machine Wash: Machine wash does not work for all types of saddle pads. So please check the manual before washing it the machine.
  4. Water Pressure: You can also use high water pressure to wash it. Avoid using soap for washing.
  5. Avoid iron and sunlight while drying the pads, especially in leather pads.

Saddle Pads FAQs 1:

Ques 1: Why do you need a saddle pad?

Ans: Saddle pad is used to avoid horse’s back pain in long trail riding, avoid slippage of the saddle because of sweating. It also gives pain relief therapy to the horse and enhances the muscle.

Ques 2: What’s the age of a saddle pad?

Ans: There is not an approximate age declared for saddle pads from the manufacturer. It totally depends on the frequency of riding and the weight you are carrying on each trip. Frequently wash of pads using the suggested methods can increase the age of saddle pads.

Ques 3: What are the best English saddle pad on a limited budget?

Ans: Most of the horse riders use the western saddle but some still prefer the English saddle. So here are the top 3 choices for English saddle pads:

  1. Saxon element quilted AP saddle pad (Check price on Amazon)

  2. Back on track saddle pad (Check price on Amazon)
  3. TuffRider basic all-purpose saddle pad (Check price on Amazon)

Ques 4: What are the best long-distance trail riding saddle pads?

Ans: Choosing a good saddle pad for long-distance trail riding is a very important task for the rider. Here are the best saddle pads for trail riding:

  1. Weaver Leather Contoured Saddle Pad (Check price on Amazon)
  2. Diamond Wool Contour Western Saddle Pad (Check price on Amazon)

Saddle Pads Brands FAQs:

Ques 5: What are the top western saddle pad brands?

Ans: Here we are revealing the top 3 most popular brands for saddle pads:

  1. Diamond Wool: It is atop choice for horse riders because they manufacture in the USA and always try to give the best experience to the rider.
  2. Classic Equine: Another giant in this area. After-sale support is awesome.
  3. SaddlRright: They make the famous contour pads that give extra protection to the horses.

Ques 6: What are the top English saddle pad brand?

And: Here we are revealing the top 3 giants the saddle pad industry:

  1. Le Mieux: Famous for breathable and stylish saddle pads.
  2. WeatherBeeta: Famous for moisture-proof fabric
  3. Horze: Famous for comfortability.


No matter how good your horse is, he can reach peak performance only when he is comfortable in every way. Choosing an excellent saddle pad according to your horse and that serves your purpose is a must needed. Saddle pads help your horse to increase stamina for long trail riding. Saddle pads also provide pain relief therapy to the horses.

So the Diamond Wool Contour Western Saddle Pad tops our list. We wish that you will have a great horse riding experience using these saddle pads. Please comment below if you need any help regarding saddle pads. Thanks

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